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The Definition of "Classic"

The distinction between "Classic" and "Modern" freight cars lies mainly in whether they were hand (Classic) or mass produced, and whether they are used for different types of loads (Classic) or a single type of load. How each photo is classified will be determined upon submission.

We are also interested in collecting non-Japanese classic freight cars, in order to compare them with Japanese types. We want to collect not only cars which are classified as freight cars, but also any kind of railway car which may be considered as a type of freight car.
Regarding Classification

For the sake of freestyle modelers, the "Type" classification does not adhere to country or year of manufacture. I have tried to base classification on appearance and the overall feeling of the photograph.

Send us your old freight car photos!

The "Classic Freight Car Archive" is a database of photos of classic freight cars made up of photos taken by us, together with photos collected from the Internet and submitted by visitors to our site. Please feel free to submit any photographs you may have, whether or not they have been published elsewhere, and even if they are similar to photos already displayed

Regarding Copyright

All photographs submitted will be treated according to the copyright laws. They will only be displayed within the "Classic Freight Car Archive" and will not be used elsewhere.

Please only submit photographs which you have taken yourself. We will accept photographs from people other than the photographer if one or both of the following conditions are met.

1. The submitter of the photograph has received permission to submit the photograph from either the photographer or legal holder of the photograph's copyright.

2. The submitter of the photograph is either the maker of the freight car concerned or a railway company which employed the freight car.
When photographs are accepted according to the conditions above, www.FreightCar.jp will accept no legal responsibility for any copyright infringements which occur.

Photograph Size and Retouching

Width 800 pixels or less
Height 533 pixels or less

Larger photos may be accepted if the content is deemed to warrant it, and if they fit in with the overall feel and design of the database. Structures and other content apart from the freight cars that are displayed in the photographs are of great interest and value, and so as a rule we do not trim or edit photographs. However in some cases a certain amount of retouching (adjustment of sharpness, contrast, removal of scratches, rotation etc) may be carried out.

Text Data

The following information is required when photographs are submitted.

1. Name of the railway and country where the car was used.
2. The type/classification of the car
3. The date of the photograph
4. Where the photograph was taken

If the data submitted is insufficient we reserve the right to provide data based on our own research.

Photos for personal use only. All rights reserved by original owner of image. Reproduction or redistribution in any form without express written permission is prohibited.